The adventures of Sinbad the sailor. Cuento en inglés para niños

Ayuda a tu hijo a mejorar su inglés con los cuentos. Es una maravillosa forma de incentivar a los niños en la lectura en inglés. En esta ocasión te ofrecemos ‘The adventures of Sinbad the sailor’, el cuento en inglés de las aventuras de Simbad el marino.


Un cuento en inglés para niños aventureros: ‘The adventures of Sinbad the sailor’

Cuento en inglés para niños: The adventures of Sinbad the sailor
Un cuento en inglés para niños: ‘The adventures of Sinbad the sailor’

Long ago, in the city of Baghdad, a young Sinbad lived with his father. Sinbad’s father was a rich merchant, but he died.

Sinbad inherited a whole fortune. He was so rich, and he spent his money on rich clothes and incredible parties. But one day he was shocked … he did not have money! His purse was empty.

Then, he decided sold his house. With money he bought silks and spices to sell them. A group of merchants invited Sinbad to join them. He jumped on board.

The first adventure of Sinbad the sailor

After a days at sea, the sailors found a small island. They was cooking on the island with fire when the ground began to tremble.

– The island is moving!- said a sailor.

– It’s not an island… it’s a whale!- screamed scared Sinbad.

Many people drowned, but Sinbad was very lucky, and he could hold on to a chest that floated in the water. The next day, he landed on the shore of an island. There he met King Mahrajan. They became friends.

A few days later, a ship arrived at the port. The ship was transporting silks and spices.

– Oh… I had some silks like that- Sinbad said.

– These silks belonged to a merchant called Sinbad- said the captain.

– Sure? I am Sinbad!- cried him.

Sinbad recovered his merchandise and he returned to Baghdad.

A fantastic second adventure of Sinbad the sailor

Sinbad bought more silks and spices to trade the next trip. He jump on board again. After a few days, they stopped at a desert island. But Sinbad fell asleep under a coconut tree. He woke in a panic… the ship had set sail without him!

Sinbad climbed a tree and he could see a gigantic white egg. Then, he watched a enormous bird flew onto the egg and settled down to sleep.

– It´s a roc! I have an idea- said Sinbad- I will use my turban.

He unwound his turban, crept up to the enormous bird and tied himself to its leg. The bird woke up and took Sinbad flying above the clouds.

Then, the roc dived down into a deep valley. Sinbad untied himself quickly. But he saw that he was surrounded by huge snakes. He was scared.

Sinbad saw a lot of jewels, and on top of a cliff, some people who threw meat to the valley.

– They want jewels- he thought- The jewels are embedded in the flesh…

Quickly, he tied himself to a sheep. A roc swooped down and grabbed the seep. The enormous bird landed on a cliff. He gave them jewels in exchange for a ship bound for Baghdad.

One travel more than Sinbad the sailor

Sinbad arrived home with a bag of jewels. He bought more silks and spices for sell and travel again on a ship. But there was an ambushed and an ugly men threw the merchants overboard. They washed onto a beach.

The sailors explored the new shore and found a fearsome giant with a single eye. He ate humans. In fact, he ate a fat merchant.

When the giant asleep, Sinbad said:

– We can scape. We must build boats with firewood…

They built some boats. When the giant woke up, Sinbad stuck a stick in the eye of the giant. They ran to the sea and escaped. The giant threw stones, but could not see them. They could return home.

The fourth trip of Sinbad the sailor

Sinbad joined another merchant ship, but the ship was wrecked. Sinbad was lucky and he came to an island. There was a king who had a beautiful daughter. We became friend and months later, Sinbad and the beautiful princess were married.

But on that island, when the husband or the wife died, the the one who was alive was also buried. He was scared. His beautiful wife died and Sinbad went down to the grave with her, with water and some breads.

When he thought he was going to die, a bird a bird entered the cave. Sinbad followed him and found an exit. He run to the beach and saw a ship. He could returned to home.

The fifth trip of Sinbad the sailor

Sinbad bought a new boat. He came to an island with another roc’s egg. Some sailors threw stones at the egg to see what happened.

– Oh, no- said Sinbad- They are fools… the mother roc will want revenge!

Then, a giant roc arrived. She destroyed the ship and threw stones at the sailors, but Sinbad could escaped. He found an old man who climbed on his back. The old man did not want to go down!

Sinbad was the old man’s prisoner. But he was an idea. Sinbad picked grapes and made wine. When the old man drank the wine, he fell asleep, and Sinbad could escaped.

A boat could take him to home. Sinbad took many coconuts from the island.

Sixth trip of Sinbad the sailor

In the sixth trip, Sinbad managed to make a fortune. His ship sank, but he discovered a mountain full of jewels. He did not know how to get out of that cave, but he discovered an underground river.

On a boat, he came to a valley. Some men took him to the king. The king fell in love with his adventures and decided to write them in a book.

Later, Sinbad could returned home. He was very rich.

The last adventure of Sinbad the sailor

Sinbad returned to the island of his friend king. But when we got back, some corsairs attacked them. Sinbad was sold as a slave. He should hunt elephants.

One day, Sinbad fell on top of an elephant. The animal took him to the elephant cemetery. – I know- said Sinbad- You want me to take the tusks of dead elephants… So I will not have to kill elephants…

Some years later, Sinbad got back home.

Preguntas de comprensión lectora para tu hijo de ‘Sinbad the sailor’

Ayuda a tu hijo a expresarse en inglés. Puedes hacerle algunas preguntas sobre el texto que acabáis de leer de ‘Sinbad the sailor’. Por ejemplo, estas:

1. Why did Sinbad start traveling?

2. Why did he tie himself to the roc?

3. How did Sinbad escape from the giant?

4. What happened when the Sinbad woman died?

5. What did Sinbad do to get rid of the old man?

6. How did Sinbad get rich?

7. Why did he have to kill Sinbad elephants?

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